Bjerkaker LearningLab

Bjerkaker Learning Lab (BLL) is a small not-for-profit NGO enterprise in Norway run by Mr. Sturla Bjerkaker with cooperating partners.

BLL is public registered in Norway with No. 874629782 and in EU with PIC 907349447.

Bjerkaker LearningLab was establishes 18 March 2016 in Oslo, succeeding Semakolon Communication Office (Semakolon Kommunikasjonskontor, Norwegian), establishes in 1995.

Among the activities and competences BLL can offer:

  • Andragogy/pedagogy, adult learning and education, study circles
  • Active and quality ageing and learning throughout life
  • Youth at risk, drop outs, new opportunities for deprived areas
  • Planning and organizing study tours and visits in Norway and abroad
  • Project management, presentations and teaching/training
  • Meeting’s management and facilitating group processes
  • Development Dialogue and Focus Group Meetings for change, regardless of topics

Among BLLs resent customers and project partners

Norwegian Association for Adult Learning, The Academic Adult Education Association, The Evening School Rogaland, Centre for International Cooperation in Education, the University of Trondheim, the Nordic Network for Adult Learning, the German Folk High School Association, Adult Education and Development, the German Institute for Adult Education and projects in e.g. Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

BBL offers project cooperation and partnership engaging experts in addition to Sturla Bjerkaker, if needed. BBL is also a part of the consortium Phronesis SA, which is a not-for-profit cooperative enterprise starting up in June 2018 with up to eight experts in different fields.

Sturla Bjerkaker

is a long standing and experienced adult educator with engagements both in Norway and abroad. His present activities are project management, project evaluation, teaching and training adults. He has a background as general secretary/director for the Norwegian Association for Adult Learning and for the Association for adapted adult education. He has also been principal and director for the Nordic Folk Academy run by the Nordic Council of Ministers. He has university degrees in pedagogy/adult education, sociology and social science and has written several books and articles e.g. about adult learning. He has been board member of the European Association for the Education of Adults and the International Council for Adult Education. He is since 2014 a member of the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame and from 2018 also member of the Hall of Fame Executive Board.

Jeg intervjuer 105 år gamle Gösta Vestlund i Stockholm våren 2018.