Social Smart – Study Circles in Lithuania

NORWAY-LITHUANIA bilateral cooperation project

The bilateral cooperation initiative foresees the exchange of practices of SOCIAL SMART in Lithuania and BLL in Norway in developing adult education. Representatives of SOCIAL SMART analyze and apply in practice study circles method in Lithuania, especially in working with vulnerable groups in
remote areas.
In September and October, the partners met online to discuss the ideas and to plan the study visit meetings in Oslo. The study visit took place 2 – 5 November 2022 as four representatives of SOCIAL SMART visited the partner – BJERKAKER LEARNING LAB – in Norway. In the extensive meetings with the National Association for Adult Education and the representatives of the Central Party Study Association, the SOCIAL SMART team got knowledge not only about the study circles and their organization in practice but also about NGO development, various activities, and relevant issues to NGOs in Norway. SOCIAL SMART also presented its activities as well as we discussed Lithuanian NGO practices and issues in providing services to vulnerable groups.
To follow, BJERKAKER LEARNING LAB and SOCIAL SMART discussed further learning opportunities and long-term cooperation initiatives in order to promote study circles and organize training on study circles in several European countries.