is joint project of Polish and Norwegian organizations actively collaborating with seniors, funded from EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 Education Programme. NOVA Foundation from Poland and Bjerkaker Learning Lab from Norway have jointed their forces and are working together on improving and developing educational experience for seniors. EduSenior is the educational project which aims to improve quality of the senior education conducted at the neighbourhood houses in Poland, particularly in the Tri-City (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot). The main goals of the project are to present and analyse the best practices of senior education in Poland and Norway, to develop and implement innovative methods and tools used at senior education, in particular study circles.

Main activities & results:

  1. Learning Mobility in Norway – planned for ten educators representing Neighbourhood Houses in Poland
    1. MOB1– JOBSHADOWING in Norwegian senior education institutions
  2. Developing Educational materials:
    1. Good Practices Catalogue – catalogue of good examples in senior education in PL and NO
    1. Guide for Senior Educators – guide on innovative methods and tools of senior education including study circles
  3. Testing and implementing educational method study circles (in three neighbourhood houses)
  4. EduSenior seminar – Gdansk, Poland – dissemination event

Project duration: 01.01.2022 till 31.12.2023

About Project Partners:

  1. NOVA Foundation (Project Leader)

NOVA’s main subjects of activity are education and promotion of the lifelong learning idea as well as activation of local communities. We run a community Centre, called Chelm Neighbourhood Energy Incubator. The offer of the neighbourhood house includes non-vocational education aimed at the local inhabitants and other non-educational support, e.g., psychological, counselling, telecare services, organization of local cultural and integration events (picnics, festivals, flea market, etc.). The activities are targeted at adults, children and youth living in the revitalized district. Our biggest share of participants are seniors.

BLL has experience in adult education and participated in multiple projects on various subjects. BLL has recently participated in the “ProAge – Active Aging” and “Quality Life 50+” projects, which are the most relevant to this project. Founder of BLL Sturla Bjerkaker is experienced Adult Educator and author of multiple publications.