International Projects

The EEA/Norway Grants include programs to support deveopment in the EU-member states which have the biggest economical challenges. This is countries like Poland, Lituania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Portugal and Greece.

Bjerkaker LearningLab (BLL) offers partnership in projects initiated by e.g. NGOs in these countries. To be partner in the so called Active Citizens Program is very relevant for BLL. At the moment BLL is a partner for one project in Portugal (Literacy for Democracy), two in Slovakia (Otvor Dvor 1 and 2 and Roznava Climate Change), one coming up in Poland  and a dialogue is present for possible project managers in Romania and Poland.

In addition to this, BLL is partner in a cultural project:

The IMRO Project

The IMRO Project is co-financed by Norway with assets of the Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 at the amount of 499.740,00 €The purpose of the project is to unburden employed men and women who work as informal caregivers of elderly, chronically ill or dying family members in various environments. The main objective…

Social Smart and BLL:
NORWAY-LITHUANIA bilateral cooperation project

Exchange of good practice: study circles application to vulnerable groups The bilateral cooperation initiative foresees the exchange of practices of SOCIAL SMART in Lithuania and BLL in Norway in developing adult education. Representatives of SOCIAL SMART analyse and apply in practice study circles method in Lithuania, especially in working with vulnerable groups in remote areas.…

Funky Republic – promoting civic engagement

person planting on hanged pots

Short project description This project aims to provide an answer to an issue encountered over the previous years all throughout the country of Romania – there is no coherent dialogue framework for CSOs, citizens and local authorities -, by establishing and implementing a viable model. We wish to find the formula that will allow authorities…

SKOCKANO – quality standard of civil society organizations constructively engaged in non-formal education.

grayscale photography of two people raising their hands

Project leader: Centre for Peace Studies Partners: Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE) Human Rights House Zagreb (HRH) Centre for Civile Initiatives Poreč (CCI) GOOD Initiative for systematic and quality introduction of human rights and democratic citizenship education into the formal education system (GOOD Initiative) Phronesis SA Project implementation period: April 1st 2021 – March 31st 2024 Project total…

Old manuscript fragments from the Academy Library in Cluj

Due to massive destructions in the modern age, very little has survived from the book collections of medieval Transylvania – the easternmost rampart of Western European civilization. However, hitherto unfathomed amounts of fragmenta codicum have been preserved in the bindings of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century books and manuscripts. Digitizing and cataloging these fragments could help reconstitute…


woman in brown button up shirt holding white smartphone

This is a joint project of Polish and Norwegian organizations actively working with seniors, funded from EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 Education Programme.  NOVA Foundation from Poland and from  Bjerkaker Learning Lab from Norway have joint their forces and are working together on improving and developing educational experience for seniors. EduSenior is the educational project which aims to improve quality of…

Empower yourself

Empower yourself – motivational tools for supporting professional activity and wellbeing of people aged 55+; it is a complex developmental program, addressing the issues of social and professional exclusion among Europeans in their preretirement age, that is 55+. The exclusion results from not adjusting to modern labour market, workers? not investing in personal development, perceiving one?s…

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